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2010-06-15 04:09:23 by MattReeves

I think I'm gonna do a few. Video game covers, that is. With that good ol' Matt Reeves twist! Keep an eye out!


2010-01-25 00:48:54 by MattReeves

I'm still working on the new albums when time allows. I need to set a new deadline. The last one was just bad timing.

But, the other day I was thinking. I thought it'd be cool to make an album, which would just be an RPG BGM set. Which people could obviously use for their games. But the point, would be to do something different, with a more "earthy" sound, while also making something that could not only be used for listening pleasure, but also be used for RPG's. They would be shorter songs. Just video game loops, or something. But I think it'd be fun, and it'd show a different side of my musical spectrum. A lot of influence came from video games I played growing up. I could also release a few different BGM sets, for different time periods/genres.



2009-10-24 14:25:28 by MattReeves

For anyone interested, I am working on an album that should be done here pretty quickly. This will be my 3rd album, and I'm very happy with the direction it has gone. Hopefully the mixing on this album will be a massive improvement from the old ones. Still don't really know what I'm doing, haha. But anyway, keep your ears peeled/q-tipped because this monster will strike soon, with a whopping 18 tracks.


P.S. There's also another album well on the way, for all you dance/trance junkies out thur.